Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Good Game Studio or Bug Game Studio

Good game is best at one thing, screw ups and they did it again!!

Yesterday or day before they populated a lot of Metros on the server and naturally people started capturing them. Chakravyuh alliance got 16 metros.

Heck, everyone in the alliance spent more than 300,000 rubies last night alone to develop the Metros. I told them to build master Builder Level 5, which alone costs some 120,000 + rubies. Then we bought the armourer tools and resources to build the Metro fast, Ruby moat, bakeries, stables, the list goes on. And what is the next thing Good Game does, they roll back the update and all metros are gone. And now they want to compensate us with peanuts.

This is the compensation they plan to give:

I saw this is not enough. It cannot kill the agony we are going through. Let this forum be your voice to GGE. Post as many comments as you want and report your losses. I have already sent an email to GGE telling them that be prepared for some real bad publicity this time. So, now is your chance to raise your voice and be heard. Just no bad language allowed, please be decent when you comment.

Actually, I have requested entire CHV family to boycott ruby purchase till this matter is sorted and I also asked them to refund/ chargeback our money that they took because of this update. I didnt ask for the rubies back, I asked them to give my money back to me. Requesting all readers to do the same. Let us hit them where it hurts them the most.

Latest Update:

They did refund me for the purchases I made and also took back all the rubies from my account!!!

I spent all the rubies that I bought on the Metro, I had some 33000 or so rubies before the Metro thing and then 85000 for the compensation and they took it all back. Can they ever do anything right at the first go??

Demand a refund and make sure they dont take away your rubies that should not have been taken away.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Dear Readers

Dear readers,

This is Vishal Verma. I had intentionally blocked comments for certain reasons but now they are active again. You can post comments now. And we will again work on updating the espionage reports and other updates of the game. Also working on getting a forum and many new things as promised earlier.

And my friends on International 2 server, I play there also now, not very often but sometimes, my ID is Adiosmf. So if you want to connect there, don't shy from sending me an email.

Again I would like to thank all of you for making this blog a huge success and for all the love that you have shared with us.


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

GGS New Thorn King

Hiya Guys,

A version of Thorn King is here today, quite much like the nomad event.

For this event the reward is a very nice 198 PO deco item.

This is how the camp appears in the GE main Camp.
These are rewards that can be exchanged against the Talisman that can be earned by defeating Thorn forts/towers and resource villages.

Demon Sceptor

Demon Slayer

                                                      Deco Item - Rune Stone

Equipment - Armour - Thorn Armour

Equipment -Helmet - Death's Grin

As we can see here, the equipment offered against Talisman's are really worth it. 

Monday, 30 September 2013

GGS New Update - Attacking Metropolis

Hiya Guys,

A new announcement by GGS today along with the Stronghold update -

by the looks of it, it gives me a hunch of fortress like special camps in the green world (Great Empire) which are as of now available only in other worlds but not in green, thus its promising to gather sufficient food by conquering the metropolises.

We will be back with more info after the update.  

Thursday, 19 September 2013

GGE Stronghold Update

Hi Guys, after the new ally feature update a new announcement was made by GGE, ie of a Stronghold, whereby a player can keep his soldiers and safeguard them from enemy attacks. A new icon is now available in the barrack, which will enable the player to select those units, which they want to keep in the stronghold.

However, the number of units that can be kept in the Stronghold and the Kingdom (world) where we can build it, will only be made known once the update is made.

30th Sept 2013

Hi Guys, the new Update is made, so here goes the info - 

The New building i.e the Stronghold can be seen in the Military section, for the basic level it needs only a few resources and secure only 15 soldiers, but the further upgrades into higher level costs ruby (as anyone can imagine)

Below are the screen of the level wise soldier accommodation capacity of the Stronghold.

Level 1 - 15 sols - Cost - 130 Stone/ 175 Wood

Level 2 - 25 Sols - Cost - 7k rubies

Level 3 - 45 Sols 

Level 4 - 70 Sols

                                                         Level 5 - 100 Sols

This is the Icon for the Stronghold under the Barracks, where by you can select the soldiers to be kept in stronghold.

Bad Update, far below expectation, the negatives have a long list

  • The benefits are limited in only in the MC, unlike the Hunting lodge.
  • The Troop Accommodation capacity is an insult to the special soldiers, since level 5 can save only 100 sols. 
  • Eats the limited space available in the MC.
  • Too much ruby cost as compared to the benefits offered by the Stronghold.
  • worse part, once made it cant the demolished, at least there shall be the demolition option available, for players who by mistake made this building.

GGE Alliance Forum Update

Hi Guys, in this new Update, GGE have made some changes, whereby there is a noticeboard visible next to the ally chat, where different issues related to the ally can be posted as thread and coordinated.

This is the new noticeboard icon, where by a new button is available for creating a Thread, it have options for visibility, whereby a desired audience can be selected, i.e. Generals, Sergeants or the entire ally, depending upon the gravity of the subject matter.

Message Archive

Now the game will allow you to save important messages, upto the limit of 20 in the new Archive box.

New RBC Tower Level

Probably the most important part of this update is the New Level of RBC towers in every world. GGE have increased the level of towers -

  • Great Empire / Green              - Level 41
  • Everwinter Glacier / Ice           - Level 51
  • Burning Sands/ Sand              -  Level 61
  • Fire Peaks/ FP                         -  Level 71

Till now the Top level of towers in FP was level 60 (5 Victories to Level 61), after i attacked it now. it is showing 4 more victories to get to level 61. The same changes have been made to towers in all worlds.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Good Game Empire - New Updates

Hi Guys, GGS have recently done an exciting update. Have a look

New Hunting Lodge 

The New hunting Lodge has to be constructed inside the Main Castle Green with resources (Wood/Stone and not ruby). This update is available to only high level players. The player can send out the workers for collecting food through this new hunting lodge, but it will have correlation with the resource (wood/stone production) i.e. the higher the food production will be, it will relativity effect and reduce the resource production rate, for improving this scenario, you will be required to further upgrade the hunting Lodge (further upgrade will require rubies, just like Charcoal Burner, Dry Storage and Glass Furnace.) LOL, level 2 Hunter Lodge will cost 33k rubies, just imagine level 3.

More update on the correlation will be made in future, once i myself figure it out. :D

New Login Bonus

Apart from the daily login task bonus, a new Login Bonus is been made in the game, where by there are 9 boxes to be opened, out of the total 9, one can open only 3, for which u require a key, that will be provided to players, based on the level of activity of their accounts, these keys have to be used in the same day, i.e. you cannot keep them to redeem the other day. Once the system recognizes account activity, these boxes will yield rewards of greater value. These boxes will contain rewards like - free resources, tools, overseers, soldiers/units and Rubies.

New Ally Ranking Status

Earlier the Ally had only 4 Ranks - Leader/General/ Sargent and Members, but with this update, new ranks have been unlocked.

Sad Part of this Update - Reduction in Defence Bonus of Vet SM's

Stat's before update 

After Update

Other Updates

Tool tip for Tower's - which will indicate, if in case the maximum level is achieved

Construction Slot - Suppose you're construction slots are busy and u want to build a new building the game will now, not ask you to buy a Construction slot, rather, it will ask you to get the current building in process to finish off in ruby. 

Travel time  - The travel overview, will now indicate the travel timings digitally, i.e. one can easily figure out the time in HH-MM-SS format.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Sell Equipment

Hello Guys,

after an unsuccessful try out, GGS have finally introduced the equipment sell option.

This option is available in the Equipment section and enables users to sell off unwanted/useless equips for a pre-determined price.

In the above picture you can see the space where one need to put the equip to sell, along with the smithy option.

Interesting Part - You get the same amount of coins from a particular kind of equip, even if it is upgraded to max level using technicus or even if its in basic condition.

Check the screenshot of the Epic Equipment, its in basic state (i.e not even upgraded once with technicus, the amount of coins that i am getting in exchange for selling it is 1k)

Epic Equipment - Basic level (un-upgraded)

Same is offered for a considerably effective Epic equipment that is upgraded to maximum level that is level 12. sad..

Epic Equipment - Max Upgraded (Level 12)

Same theory goes for Legendary equipment's, in the below mentioned pictures, you can see same amount of coins offered in return despite the huge amount of coins invested on a better equipment to take it to max level.

Legendary Equipment - Basic level (no upgrades)

Legendary Equipment - Max Upgraded (level 16)

Although, no one will ever want to sell - off a Unique equipment, gave it a try, this was the result

And finally, the most unwanted and good for nothing equipment's :D

Ordinary Equipment

Rare Equipment 
This sell off thing is good for people who are into looting and have tonnes of equipment's and want to do away with the useless equipment's, because a player may even find a Legendary equip, a waste, based on the situation, so rather than keeping the burden of such equips, once can rather sell it off.