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Goodgame Empire Nomad Invasion

Good game Empire Nomad Invasion

Hi Guys,

This post is about the latest Update of GGE i.e. Nomad Invasion. This event is based in Green (The Great Empire), where by Nomad Camps are visible on the Map (depending on player level the nomad camps varies from Level 10 - Level 80).

    These camps are guarded by Nomad soldiers, the specifications can be checked below -

    Attacking these nomad Camps will yield Khan Tablets (like rubies that one gets from attacking RBC Towers and Fortresses) along with coins and other resources. The best part of nomad event is, that the loot is simply awesome, almost similar to FP Top level tower loots and in case of top Nomad Camp, more than FP.

    This is the loot that one gets from a lvl 70 nomad camps, so can have an idea, that if you attack these nomad camps non-stop, resources and food is not any issue.

    Similar to other events the Nomad Invasion event also gives the players achievement points. You can have look at it in detail in the below mentioned screen.

    Apart from the loots and achievement points a player can redeem different equipment, special soldiers, Decoration items in exchange of the Khan Tablets.

    Here you can see the various Deco. items that are offered by the Herald -

    Among all the rewards offered by the Herald, in exchange of the tablets, the best Decoration item is Terracotta soldiers, which eats same space as a park but gives great PO (195 PO) in return.

    Strategy to Attack the Nomad Camps 
    This is what we worked out to beat the Nomad camps, most of us the CHV Guys are level 70, so as per our level the  Nomad Camps available to us are level 60, 70 and level 80.

    Below are the Spy reports of each level as an example for further explanation of the simple tactics to beat down the Nomads.

    LEVEL 80

    The above mentioned 2 screens are of level 80, nomad camps, where it is clearly visible that other than the three flanks, the keep is also guarded by soldiers.

    Level 70

    Most (95 percent) of the level 70 nomads that we attacked didn't had any soldiers in the keep.

    Level 60

    Level 50

    Level 40

    Level 30

    Level 20

    Level 10

    Similarly like the level 80 nomads, the level 60 nomad camps keep is also guarded by soldiers in keep.

    Now, here is the strategy -

    1 - Commander - For attacking the nomads and successfully completing the event, you need to design a commander specifically for Nomad hunting keeping into consideration all the factors, such as - Ranged/Meele bonus, Cool down period (since it takes ages for a high level nomad camp to be attacked again like 68 hrs even).

    2 - Wall and Gate bonus reduction - Since the Defense bonus for wall and gate protection is very high for high level nomads, we need to it bring down by using gate/wall bonus tools, or by adding similar equips in the commander.

    Here are the screens of the commanders, that we used for the Nomads -

    Most of our members have completed the equipment task, by a simple strategy, going after level 70 nomads (same can be applied to other level of nomad camps as well, if there are no defenders in keep, or of a single element i.e. either Meele or ranged because losses will be high, if there are mixed defenders in the keep).

    Number of defenders -

    Level 80 - 1900-3300

    Level 70 - 1500-1775

    Level 60 - 900-1200

    A good attack on level 70 nomads will end up with losses between 44-56, depending upon commander bonus.

    here are some screens -
     Level 70

    Level 80

    And we haven't used any ruby tool or the nomad hunting tools for these attacks, so the point is very simple, understand the target, bring down defense bonus, use a proper commander. Happy Hunting!!!


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    3. It will help us a lot a screenshot of the army you have send to the level 70
      We should confess that you have done a great job so far

    4. Hey Vishal, thanks for adding my reports!

      Feel Proud to be part of your blog.


    5. Hi Mr. Verma. Thank you very much for the spy reports of the nomad camps. For this first time i was very unprepared for the invasion. I used alot of coins to 100% spy on them. In turn i was only able to get 200 tablets. I lost alot of soldiers as well. Took about 600 loss in my first few attacks, mostly because i attacked blindly. I would be very grateful if you could give me a few tips for the next invasion. Thank you