Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Coast of Blades

The Coast of Blades

In Nut shell, it is yet another event/ Quest.
Level 30 and above can participate....... sounds very similar to Thorn King event. Resource transportation is very expensive, you can capture RVs, A queen needs help.... blah blah..... A unique piece of Equipment is the final reward!!!!! Not even a PO Deco Item.

Ok, as we expected, it is exactly same as The Thorn King Event.

Use same strategy and you would be successful.

Build Storage, max them out... Then start buildings camps and Decos. Make sure your Morale is above 150%. Do not attack with morale below 150%. When you send your army to the event for the first time, ensure to send 100s of tools, as people usually face this problem later on. During the event they keep getting soldiers, thus they cannot send soldiers to the event, and tools cannot be sent alone. So better to send 100s of them right in the beginning. You have till 31st of March to complete the event, so no rush.

Please go slow, first build as many storage as you can and let them max out the food and ONLY then transport your soldiers and tools. That ways, you can complete the event much faster as you can support big Army. Dont forget to send the tools.

This screenshot was sent by BN recently:

I was inactive for few days, but I had some 5-6 storage at my camp, so the food accumulated. And today I played for a while and defeated 3 more towers. Total 4 down now.

Tower 2 below

Tower 3 below

Tower 4 below

Had to upgrade my ship to Reach Tower 4.... This is how it looks after upgrading the ship..

I am heavily transporting resources from my Green Main castle... It is hell expensive.

If you want to attack boats and loot resources, attack small convoys after every 30 mins.... They are easier.

For the last 2-3 days I was not doing much in the Event of Coast of Blades...... I was waiting to fill my Food stocks. When I thought it is good enough and I can take some towers out, I sent my army and started the assault.
Please keep in mind that from here on, I am not sending the perfect attacks..... I am sending attacks with whatever I have, I have attacked ranged defenders with ranged attackers and vice versa. Simple logic being, I dont want the food quantity to go way down again and I want to attack and win as many towers as I can.

Tower 5 below:

Tower 6 Below:

Tower 7 Below:

Tower 8 below:

Twin Tower # 1:

Tower 9 Below:

This is how the ship looks after 2 upgrades:

When you upgrade the ship, the way to reach further opens up.

Resources transfer is way too expensive........

This is how the sea looks today

This is how my camp looks today, 153% morale. No Ruby building yet.

This is what it takes to upgrade the ship...

3rd Upgrade Below:

4th Upgrade Below:

Ok.... So today I get started again...

2nd Twin Tower below:

Tower #10 Below:

The things is that once you get into a stride, you keep attacking and keep getting more soldiers as rewards for completing tasks and you can keep rolling that ways..... You can easily defeat 6-7 towers everyday using this strategy.

Next I attacked this tower with ideal tools and soldiers and got the perfect result. Check below.

Tower # 11 Below:

Perfect result below:

The next tower I attacked, I was well aware that it is going to be a disaster, but it was a Good disaster, as planned.......

As you can see above I lost 91 soldiers in the attack, but the timing is perfect. I have a capacity of 85 soldiers in my camp, now I will build tents for next 2-3 days and then send some 140+ soldiers to attack the next tower. I know what soldiers and tools I will need for the next tower, so I will send accordingly.

Now the benefit is, I am already at 14th tower, so as soon as I defeat the 15th, I will get 120 more soldiers. So, I hope to hope 220+ soldiers in the camp soon and then I can finish the event maybe the same day!!

I was building camps for last few days and today when I reached 180 capacity with 163% morale, I decided to go forward.

Attacked the 13th tower, screenshot below:

I got 120 Soldiers, so now I have a lot of them to handle the next few towers.

I had to upgrade my ship first to be able to attack the next tower, as soon as I did.... Kraken was unleashed.

Tower 14 attack is below:

Do keep in mind that I sent my melee attackers in wave 2, so they can fight with ranged in the keep.

This is how the Tower 14 attack went. Not to my liking :( Lost too many soldiers.

I lost 63 soldiers on this tower, and got 60 soldiers for completing the Clearing the Fog event. So levels out.

Next tower I have sent attacks on all 3 flanks with tools, to see how it works out. There was additional space for tools, that is why I attacked all 3 flanks.

Tower 15 below:

Tower 16 Below:

Next is Kraken:

Left Flank Below:

Courtyard Espionage below:

Right Flank Below:

Center below:

Final attack with Tools Below:
Only difference being, before attacking I moved 60 odd melee KG to wave 1 center, instead of Wave 2.

Not bad, too much loss, but the Defenses were huge!!

Poor Kraken:

Now that the event is over, I would like to say that we were able to complete the event, way before the deadline and we did not have to play 20 hours a day attacking RVs to get resources. The strategy never fails. Good Luck to all of you. And please make sure to defeat all towers to get 100% completion achievement.