Monday, 4 March 2013


Colossus - To be or not to be

Everyone, as promised here is the post about Colossus, who should participate and who should not.

Now get this..... Colossus is an event that consumes a lot of resources and then gives you a Deco Item that you can place in any of your castles. Colossus occupies the same space as a Park or Festive square.

In nutshell, any player that does not have fully developed castles should NOT participate in this event. I have seen people ending up with Colossus that gives them PO below 104. 104 is the PO that a park gives you, so they spend 100 times resources and yet get a PO equal to or less than a park. Initially the PO increases super fast, but after a certain level, it becomes really tough. I think I have donated like more than 2 Million resources till now and the PO of my Colossus is 215.

So, if you are a non ruby player, then if you are participating, ensure that you PO is above 104, or else waste of resources.

If you are a Ruby player, then make sure that the PO of your Colossus is above 190, or else again wastage of resources. You can get 190 PO with Festival Square which occupies same space as Colossus.

A good idea might be to focus on your castle development, rather than going crazy about Colossus. For people like me, who are done building everywhere, it makes sense to make Colossus.