Saturday, 20 July 2013

Secrets of Goodgame Empire

Hello everyone,

All of you would have noticed that we haven't posted much of strategies and secrets that we have to the blog off lately. Primarily because of 2 reasons:

1. GGE issues: Whatever we used to post here, GGE used to get to know and fix it. So not very nice for us.
2. Copy cats: I see a ton of people who copy pasted our blog and made their own. In fact almost every major alliance has made one. LOL. People who have copied our hard work and blog, please read something about copyrights and copyscape. I know all of you personally that is why I haven't taken any step against you, or else you cannot even believe how big a law suit I can file against all of you.
So, if you have to copy, from now on follow these 2 things.

1. Take written permission from me.
2. Give a link back to the original post. For example:
At the end of the post mention the following:

Original Content Courtesy CHV BLOG LINK, shared with permission.

I give all of you copy cats to abide by the rules above for existing posts or else I will be forced to get your blog removed by filing a complaint to your hosting company. And trust me, once done, it cannot be brought back. You have 1 week.


From now on, we will make two types of posts.

1. For general public.

2. Inside secrets

Only subscribers would get access to Inside secrets after due diligence. So start subscribing now.

PS: We are changing the look and the feel of the blog. So Dont bother with subscribing. We will have a members login area which will give you access to special tips and tricks.

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