Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Level 35 Onwards


Please stop doing XP tasks in Greenland after you reach Level 35. The reason being once you reach level 41, you will no longer get XP tasks in Iceland.

Now it is your personal choice, you want to hurry up to level 41 or make a strategy.

This is what I did:

I started doing XP tasks primarily in Iceland after level 35, but I also almost finished XP tasks in Greenland, BUT, left 1 thing to be done. For example:

The task is make 7 wood cutter above level 8. I upgraded 6, left 1 to be done once I reach Level 41.

So, if you observe closely, you will level up very slowly from Level 35 to 41, but after that you can achieve 1-2 levels very fast.


You do get XP jobs in Iceland after level 41, but after sometime, not immediately. I got my first XP job in Iceland at Level 48.

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