Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Guide on The Burning Sands

Hello Everyone,

Once you reach level 40, you get an option to enter The Burning Sands:

Here is the overview of resources you need:

Either you can pay all these resources or you can pay approx 3000 Rubies instead of all the resources. Decision is yours, I prefer paying Rubies.

The basic strategy stays the same, gather up resources, gather atleast 300 attack soldiers and have atleast 250 rubies with you, RVs are very rare in BS, so you need to launch multiple attacks when they generate. And most probably RVs wont generate when you land first.

I selected East when entering Sands

This was the first RV that I captured in Sands.
This was the formation of Level 35 tower in Sands.
This is the Combat Overview.
This is how it looks
This was level 35 and I lost as I attacked with lesser soldiers.
Keep in mind that Desert warriors are versatile soldiers, so they are good against both melee and ranged attack soldiers, so always better to send mixed attacks.

I attacked this Desert Fortress, here are the reports.

This was the Attack combat report. Easy win.... Some 23000 coins, not bad, but no rubies. :(

I even got My princess. :D

As you know, I am more of a power freak.......... so I always send BIG attacks on everyone. Sibaji yesterday sent attacks to the Resource Villages in Burning Sands and proved the appropriate ratio of soldiers to be used. Here are some screenshots:

Sibaji sent 40 KG soldiers total, 20 on Left and right and captured the RV.
If you are sending Normal soldiers, you may want to increase that number a bit.

Keep in mind that the villagers have 9 melee and ranged defense.
So their total strength would be 200*9= 1800 (200 is the number of armed citizens in Burning sands.... They are 250 in Fire peaks)

So now that you know their total strength, you can divide it by the attack of the soldiers that you are sending and you would know how many to send. Send 20-30% extra to be on the safer side and avoid huge losses.

Rest coming soon.................

By Vishal Verma Google