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Free Rubies, coins and resources

Free Rubies, coins and resources

Hello Everyone,

Thanks to all those who subscribed to the blog. I have been very busy off lately so cannot make a video, but I will go ahead and write an article here.

As I told all of you earlier, this is no trick, loop hole or Glitch, but this is good game play and the correct strategy to gather Free Rubies, coins, resources and Equipment.

It is called Looting/ hunting/ regular attacks on RBCs. Now what is important is the strategy and the timing.

Now, I know everyone will say, oh that is so common, what is new about it. Well the new thing is, first of all the strategy to go about Looting and secondly inculcating the habit of looting.

If you dont know how to attack RBCs, you can learn it here: How to attack RBCs

If you have both of these, then you wont even bother to get free rubies, coins or resources.

Take a look at this screenshot, this is the weekly ranking of Loot.

Can you imagine how many Rubies, coins, Equipment and resources Bhutnath gathers every week?

Let us call Rubies, Equipment, coins and Resources as RECR.

Now you want to learn what needs to be done, ok let us get started.

Ok, so this is what I do and would recommend to everyone.

First of all, make soldiers in each and every castle and Outpost till your food consumption goes to -1 day or -2 days or whatever you are definite about. Your soldiers should not die out of hunger, if you are irregular. So if you play everyday, you can keep it on -1 day, if you play once in a week, keep it at -8 days.

Ranged soldiers are better for hunting, so pay special focus on ranged attackers.

Take a look at the screenshot below, this is my Fire castle. As you can see the food ends in 2 days, but it actually never ends, because I keep hunting everyday and focus on plundering Food, as I dont need resources. You can focus on all, if you need resources also. Did you notice I have approx 3100 soldiers in Fire?

The next thing you need to do is keep building tools in all your castles and OP. Specifically mantlets and ladders.

When you start attacking RBCs, you can check the Espionage report from this blog, so you will save coins.

RBC Reports Green

All you have to do is maintain 3-4 towers nearest to you at the highest level possible and keep attacking them every 3-4 hours, or as per their cool off time.

I have 3 towers in Ice, Sand and Fire at the highest level and I gather some 500,000 coins from them everyday. Not to mention the rubies and other stuff that I get from them.

It is very important to hunt in Green regularly, I cannot as I have a glitch in my account and all my RBCs in Green reset to Level 1.

Ok, now that you have soldiers and tools, next important thing is the commander configuration.

Now, the commanders and Equipment play a very important part in this game.

When you start hunting, you should definitely make 2 types of commanders, one for Better items and one for plundering. Let me show you the screenshots of my commanders.

If you look, I have 2 commanders that have more than 70% (max) resources looted and another on 50%.

The 1 below is for finding better items and it is at 82%

Now, once you have these commanders, don't bother about the losses of your soldiers, as initially you need Good Equipment to make your commanders stronger.

If you can make 2 commanders that are focused on Finding better items, you will get a lot of good Equipment. Not to mention, you can send your marauder/ Loot commanders when you need coins and resources.

Once you keep getting good Equipment, forge them in the smithy to make even better ones. I do not have any ordinary Equipment and almost none rare too.

If you are unaware of Equipment and Forging, check this Guide on Equipment

So, the things goes on, you attack 10-20 towers everyday and gather as much RECR as you can. You utilize those coins and resources in making soldiers, tools and forging Equipment.

One thing to keep in mind is which soldiers get the most loot. Marauders get the maximum, then the demon ranged, next is demon melee, then comes the traveling knights. Surprise is Macemen, they carry a lot of loot. and they consume less food and cost lesser. Do not attack with these premium soldiers, but send them in next wave, their purpose is only to carry the maximum loot, not fight.

I said earlier to train ranged soldiers, the first reason is, at higher level you will need a lot of ranged soldiers and mantlets, the other being Heavy Crossbow carry a lot of loot.

Now keep focusing on gathering Good Equipment and keep Equipping your commanders with better and better Equipment.

Here are stats of some of my commanders.

I have 3 for Loot (These I use to attack top level RBC in Fire, I get 54264 coins for each attack.)
3 at 90% ranged benefit (These I use to attack top level RBC in Desert.)
1 for Items;
1 for player attack, which is 90% ranged and melee.
1 at 90% melee and 40% items.

That makes 9 of them, but I have tons of top class Equipment in the stock, from which I can make any commander I like to.

For example:

1. I have a commander at +80% (Max) travel speed (This commander is very helpful when new RVs appear, others keep watching, while my commander reaches and captures the RV.)
2. I have one commander that I call gate banger, it has the maximum ability to break gates.
3. I have an Honor commander, a Glory Commander and many more like these.

Do not forget these 3 very important things:

1. Whenever Technicus baba arrives  do not miss it and spend every dime you have upgrading your Equipment.

2. Whenever Armourer baba arrives, do not forget to buy tools from him.

3. Plundering Log research: Do not forget to research Plundering Log in the research tower at priority.

Do all this and get loot like this: Missed rubies on this one though, LOL.

Take a look at this commander, this is one of the commanders of Bhutnath. Makes me ashamed of mine. :D

PS: For people who have premium account, keep some 800 ranged soldiers in Ice and attack all level 20 RBCs everyday at the time of logout. Each attack will give you 2000+ coins and other stuff.

Configuration is very easy. max ranged on left and right flank of wave 1. You will lose 5 soldiers on every attack.
So now you know how to get Free Rubies, coins, etc etc.... The question is, Will you do it?


  1. Hi I have already subscribed, but can I tell my friends in my alliance by sharing the link to this page?

    Ps: Can u tell me ur player name or location on the GGE game and would really like to have a pact/be friends with ur alliance ? I am also on India sever 1

    1. Sanjay,

      Spread the love around, share as much as you can. :)

      My username is Rafey69

  2. Do we get the coins, rubies, resources by hitting the fortresses? :-D

    1. Yes you do, but how often you get to do that? :D
      The day you made the killing, next day you didnt get 1 to attack. ;)

  3. yeah that's true :(

  4. are you ever going to release the video to everybody?

    1. Vishal said "I want to see 100 subscribers before I post that Video"
      Do u see 100 subscribers ???

  5. hey vishal. unrelated questions to the topic. just had a question wanted your opinion on since your a pretty seasoned player. i know two players attacking one for just honor points isn't honorable but whats your take on sending out like two pronged attacks myself on one person, just good strategy or kinda douchebaggy. i heard when your at war its cool but just to get honor points not sure. your opinion would be much appreciated.


    1. Hello Spitzalot,

      Different people have different opinion about the game. I have seen many alliances and players dying to gather honor. Many times people call alliances with max honor as #1 alliance. I really dont go by the rules made by the world. I make my own road and walk on it. So, if you ask me, I never really care much about honor. Let us have some fun here, that has to be the intent. :)

  6. Will you disclose the secret to the subscribers? Me and my friend(s) are subscribing (I'm still trying to get more subscribers so that your condition is fulfilled till now I've got one person to subscribe along with me...)

    1. Ok Guys,

      I will try to make the thing today. It is no big secret, just a habit.

  7. dont tell them its a bug most people knew that

    subhaan pervaiz the one you met in india 1 vishal verma

    1. As I said, this is not a bug, glitch or trick. This is a good practice that everyone should inculcate in their game play.

  8. goodgame empire do knew so that why they keep updateing
    so bugs dont work subhaan pervaiz23 knew it

  9. Why is there a shiny thing on some of your equipments?

    1. Shiny outline means they have been upgraded to the max allowed level.

    2. ok.Thanks

  10. Hi, I was just wondering, you mentioned something about the "max level" or robber baron castles, what is the max level of them? (specifically green and Ice I am interested in)

    1. Jenny, Ice is 36-1 to 37.... dont have max in Green as I have a GGE glitch.

    2. Thanks so much, that is very helpful. And thank god, I was hoping it wouldn't go higher than 40 haha

  11. Hey,the maximum level of our own has been change to level 70 instead of level 60.

    1. Yup and I am first Level 70 on Indian server and maybe other servers also. :D

  12. Hello Vishal,

    Once again thank you for all of the info that you put here. It is great and it is thanks to guys like you that the game gets better as more people learn how to play it to the best.
    I have learned a lot from this site and I have used a lot of your insight on my own website (in my own words that is).
    I am in USA server as I live in Canada. Still new to the game but growing stronger.
    Thanks once again,


    1. Hey Rajad,
      I am glad that this blog has been helpful to you. :)

  13. So, how many RBCs or barbarian towers can you hit until they stop leveling up?? I heard somewhere for RBCs its more than 100, but how much is it?

  14. how i can recive look in equimeny
    Find me on game
    Prince fayaz

  15. hello i m on lvl 59 soon be on lvl 60 i need400 xp to lvl up
    i need a bit help few big alliances smashed my castle last month i got 18 attacks i won 8 and lost 10 my castle was burning like hell. my alliance need help from ur alliance
    can ur help us pls
    username Vaibhav goswami
    cordinates 677:539 in green