Monday, 17 June 2013


Hi guys,

It's a great feeling to share that Chakravyuh is the second alliance on Indian Server who now controls a Capital. We waited for this day for ages, and now that we have it,  it's a dream come true.

Yogi, is the man, who made it possible for us to capture the capital.

Yippy, huge round of applause for Yogi.

Below is the Spy Report of the Capital, before capturing, the actual formation of defenders.

  Announcement on the Ally Chronicle after the Capture was over.

And this is how the Capital looks like and man i tell you, it required tonnes of res, Cheers to the CHV Team for standing up and making their contribution.

You can imagine the hard work and patience it took to get all the required resources for constructing the Palace (Which unlocks the recruitment of KG soldier's).

Take a look at the Holding capacity of the Royal Storage.

 The requsite resources for the Palace were huge; the quanity pictured is actually reduced because of the services of the Master Builder.

Kings Guard are home now!!!


  1. Wow congrats! Your capital, other's envy! :D

  2. hi bro congrats and btw can every alliance member now recruit the kingsguard?

  3. @ Mohamed Bakhti - Yupp, now every ally member can recruit KGs

  4. Hello I know the coordinates of the capital by