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GoodGame Empire - New Update - NATIVE VILLAGE

Good Game Empire - New Update - NATIVE VILLAGE


Hi Guys,

Sorry for the late update first of all. Some time back GGE Came up with a new update - Native Village. (The Villages can be seen in the backyard of Ice/Sand and FP Castles.)

These Villages aren't available in Green, but in all the other worlds. You need to Unlock these villages by making donations. These Villages require a specific amount of resources for unlocking and then further upgrading them to higher levels. Villages needs to be Upgraded to further levels. (4 Levels in all worlds)

This is how the poor creatures ask you for the donation's.  xD

Once you unlock these villages, they will eventually unlock new resource production buildings in your castles, example - Charcoal Burner in Ice, Olive Grovel in Sand and Glass Furnace in FP. These New buildings will allow you produce new resources  (these new resources cant be traded among players i.e. either you produce them on your on or loot from other players) and these resources when exchanged with Native Village will yield Special soldiers / Coins / Equips.

The above screen shots are for the Ice Native Village.

and here are the rewards offered in exchange of the res.

The Rewards of Level 1 and 2.

 and here are the rewards for Level 3 and 4.

The equips gets available at Level 4, and offers 1 for castellan and 1 for commanders and are decent equips.

Tip - The level 2 Soldiers are Renegades that one can get by completing Renegade Events.

Level 3 Soldiers are 1 - Wolhound and 2 Barbarian

Here, its important to mention that Barbarian are good for looting only, but aint useful than the Marauder's.

Wolfhound is a good option, and proves helpful in capturing New RV's as and when they appear in Sand and FP. So here i suggest players to go for the Level 4 equips and Wolfhound only, since the rest of the rewards arent that good.

Likewise Native Villages are updated in Sand and FP as well and same theory applies there as well, unlock the Villages, upgrade them, make new res buildings, collect them and then redeem the rewards, the only difference being the amount of resources one need to donate to update the Village to top level and then redeem top tier reward i.e. the Unique Commander/ Castellan Equips.

The FP Native village requires 1 million coins and res (wood and stone) each to be maxed to level 4. (phew) So people who are still developing their castles should not hurry to upgrade the Villages rather focus on the Castles first, since this is not an event and is here to stay permanently.

Below mentioned are the rewards of Sand and FP Villages along with the descriptions of the rewards.


 Here as well the Level 2 Rewards are soldiers that you get from the Renegade events.

The level 3 reward soldiers are decent defenders but i wont go for them, I love the KG's . xD

Best part is the Level 4 Unique equips.

Fire Peaks

Same thing applies here as well in FP, 

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