Thursday, 4 July 2013

Goodgame Empire - Adventure Maps

Good game Empire -  Adventure Maps 

Hello Dear Readers,

This is the recent update by Good Game Empire, where by the tutorial and Adventure maps are been replaced with a more interesting and enjoyable story.

This tutorial is available for new players only and is     level - based. The Adventure maps and relics associated with them are only available to players who are yet to redeem / complete their adventures i.e players who have completed the adventures would not be getting relics twice, although one can participate in the new adventures.

The best part of this update is, that the game has now simplified the tutorial which will enable the new players to quickly grasp the basics of the game and there are some special offers/gifts as well for the new players.

Take a look at the Welcome note that the old man (the host) have now, when a new player enters to the game.

Earlier the welcome note was like terror of an RBC King to the kingdom and the player have to attack that RBC tower to start with before moving to the castle for starting with the construction of buildings in the castle, this time around the villain is a new character in the game - Wolfgard, who have taken control over the players Castle and abducted the players sister (sophia) and the player needs to claim his kingdom back and free his sister. (A very nice movie plot) 

with the above dialog- box the games moves forward and the screen with the latest update i.e. Troops moving around castle is visible.

once you move the soldiers to indicated direction, the commander comes in, with a message


 This begins the adventure for the player, the player now needs to direct his soldiers on the trails towards his Castle to set it free from Wolfgard

 You can see in the screens that the player needs to click on the trails, highlighted in Red color for moving the soldiers ahead on their way to the Castle.

Once the Army reaches to the Castle, it is greeted by the Villain in question - Wolfgard.

once the player clicks on the Green button of the dialog box, the ownership of castle is back with player, this means that after this the player will be now redirected to the castle for constructing the usual set of buildings for level and XP task.

The Princess is really happy to see the castle free.

but Alas, wolfgard have kidnapped Sophia, so this will further keep the adventure going to next levels.

After this, the usual construction stuff begins 

After completing a barrack, wood cutter, stone quarry and farmhouse, and a recruitment session the adventure is back again.

Grima The Weasel and the Destroyed Bridge

I read it on the Forum that players are of the opinion that the  Destroyed Bridge is similar to Thorn King and GGE was continuously denying the fact that it has no similarity with the Thorn Event.

Verdict - Yes, it is similar to the repairing of  a destroyed bridge in Thorn King.

 and you need resources to repair the Bridge, though there aint no ruby option for the repair at this level, may be in the further updates that will included.

Ice Native Village poor creature is back in action, this time for the low level players.

This will redirect you to the castle again, some more builds, then the donation part 

Once u donate the requisite res for repairing the bridge the army can now be sent to attack 

On the way moving, the first relic is found in the treasure Chest lying on the trails

Ancient relic

The Army will now march forward to the Weasel's Castle

This ends the Adventure Maps for now, since the new updates will be made in future

Once the next update is made, you can check the details here, till then, enjoy.


  1. Im stuck at the bridge and Im level 4, it says i have 2500 wood and stone when i don't, plus it won't let me do anything other than the adventure map. Please help!