Thursday, 25 July 2013

Shadow mercenary attacks on Resource Villages - New Trick of Good Game Empire

Shadow mercenary attacks on Resource Villages

Here comes the latest update from Good Game Empire. Now people who can spend rubies can get Resource Villages. In the next update, they will make a change where in anyone can send anonymous attack on Resource Villages of any player utilizing Shadow Mercenaries.
And then that Resource village would appear as free and then anyone can take it. This update is bound to create a lot of chaos. For example, if someone attacks a Resource Village with mercenary soldiers and it becomes free, at the same time someone else whose castle is near that resource village occupies that resource village, Imagine what would that lead to.


  1. this can lead to many wars in the empire

  2. rafey ggs has implemented it. but strong oppose from players because it already provoked chaos in international-1. As some send shadow attack and some else capture the rv, the one who send shadow attack escapes and the one who capture rv get beaten but ggs is still claiming that it would be fun. but its chaos and fun for me over night food production drops. and even you friend may have captured you rv by mistake.

    1. Goutham,

      Dont forget what GGE wants, they want to earn and I dont blame them, that is what every business wants. So all these updates are to make people buy more rubies. Makes sense.

    2. YA after seeing my low level friend (lvl 25 ruby player) i too want some shadow mercenary. revenge:[