Monday, 21 October 2013

Dear Readers

Dear readers,

This is Vishal Verma. I had intentionally blocked comments for certain reasons but now they are active again. You can post comments now. And we will again work on updating the espionage reports and other updates of the game. Also working on getting a forum and many new things as promised earlier.

And my friends on International 2 server, I play there also now, not very often but sometimes, my ID is Adiosmf. So if you want to connect there, don't shy from sending me an email.

Again I would like to thank all of you for making this blog a huge success and for all the love that you have shared with us.



  1. it seems the Do NOt atatck list and the below lines of mass attacks and all are totally fraudulent.

    Yesterday there was huge mass atatck from 6 people on one of our castles, player name "wheel jack" , he is personally my brother. The atatcks came in early morning about 4:00 am.

    Another castle sunny_the_hun was atatcked and in early morning about 4:00 am.
    All these atatcks were done by CHV3 players and one of its wings.

    There was no warning and no challenge given. If it was for the tournament then the first attack defeated the castle , just barely though. And five more atatcks just ruined the castle.

    One of our rv has been captured in ice by chv3 player.

    I am sunnywhiz of Eagle Warriors. I have talked to you before rafey.

  2. hi vishal good job on running the blog man and please don't care about the haters,haters are gonna hate but really you did an awesome job man thank you for helping me :D

  3. ah man this was a nice decision i many times had question about games but i cant. now i forgot. any way thanks for welcoming us again