Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Good Game Studio or Bug Game Studio

Good game is best at one thing, screw ups and they did it again!!

Yesterday or day before they populated a lot of Metros on the server and naturally people started capturing them. Chakravyuh alliance got 16 metros.

Heck, everyone in the alliance spent more than 300,000 rubies last night alone to develop the Metros. I told them to build master Builder Level 5, which alone costs some 120,000 + rubies. Then we bought the armourer tools and resources to build the Metro fast, Ruby moat, bakeries, stables, the list goes on. And what is the next thing Good Game does, they roll back the update and all metros are gone. And now they want to compensate us with peanuts.

This is the compensation they plan to give:

I saw this is not enough. It cannot kill the agony we are going through. Let this forum be your voice to GGE. Post as many comments as you want and report your losses. I have already sent an email to GGE telling them that be prepared for some real bad publicity this time. So, now is your chance to raise your voice and be heard. Just no bad language allowed, please be decent when you comment.

Actually, I have requested entire CHV family to boycott ruby purchase till this matter is sorted and I also asked them to refund/ chargeback our money that they took because of this update. I didnt ask for the rubies back, I asked them to give my money back to me. Requesting all readers to do the same. Let us hit them where it hurts them the most.

Latest Update:

They did refund me for the purchases I made and also took back all the rubies from my account!!!

I spent all the rubies that I bought on the Metro, I had some 33000 or so rubies before the Metro thing and then 85000 for the compensation and they took it all back. Can they ever do anything right at the first go??

Demand a refund and make sure they dont take away your rubies that should not have been taken away.

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