Sunday, 2 December 2012

Guide on Fire peaks (FP) Empire Good game


First thing first, once you have access to the FP in this online game. there are VERY LESS RVs in Fire peaks (FP). Very Very less.

I entered FP when I was level 51, I got my 1st RV today, I am Level 55 now, must be about 1 week later.

Select East

Now these are the resources you need:
Or you can pay approx 6000 Rubies

This is how it looks: This is a spooky look of the game.

The loss of resources to FP is huge. In this example I lose approx 65% resources as travel cost. And it is highly  recommended not to transfer resources as a regular habit. Another thing about this game is that only for Iceland it has a limit of 15 Resource Villages. Burning Sands and Fire Peaks have a limit of 10 Resource Villages for each Stone, Food and Wood. So, once you reach the level to access that world of the game, once you arrive you will find all the resource villages occupied by other players.

It is very rare for you to occupy the resource villages in this game, as you will have a food limitation and you cannot keep your soldiers in this world, but other players who already have occupied a lot of resource villages they can keep high number of soldiers and once new resource villages pop up on the map, they send multiple attacks and occupy most of them. Pretty tough out there. This is the Combat report from my 1st RV, I sent all Bear soldiers. So if you are using anything weaker, then you might want to send more than that.

Dont even dream of attacking the Towers here. Take a look at the stats of the soldiers in the tower in FP:

This was my first attack on the RBC of Fire peaks, they are called Cultists tower. I sent an attack of 302 bear soldiers and no tools. I lost 204 soldiers. The game gets extremely tough at this stage.

OK, Yesterday I thought of taking up the Dragon Prince In Fire Peaks.

 This is the espionage report, wait till you see the statistics of these soldiers..... soldiers, that aint the correct word for them.

Now look at that defense!!!!!!!!!
I was going to attack them with KG soldiers (one of the toughest soldiers in the game), but even they were shivering with fear.... This was their first encounter with Dragons, so it is natural.

Now Dragon fire has defense against melee of 400 and 470 against Ranged attackers.
Dragon claws has defense of 250 against melee and 180 against ranged defenders.

 So I thought of taking the Dragon fire with Melee and Dragon Claws with Ranged KG soldiers.

Here is how I planned the attack.

 I was uncertain of the output. I was not expecting a win, yet I did win, but with huge losses.

Here I lost all my ranged soldiers on left and right flank to the Dragon Claws. I will try Melee soldiers next time to see if that works better.

Left Flank tools used:

Center Flank tools used:

Right Flank tools used:

Wave 1: Only the Melee attackers in Center did well.

Wave 2

Wave 3

I did not get any rubies in the Combat report but my soldiers somehow got their hands on some rubies from somewhere. :D
And some unused tools also returned home. I lost all my Ranged soldiers, all KG and Bear soldiers. Strange..

These screenshots are in reply to the question posted by Petar.

By Vishal Verma Google


  1. great guides. Really, super helpful. Just one correction - there is an RV limit, in Sand anyway. 10 per resource, or 30 total. Someone in my alliance said that he thinks it's 15/45 in Fire. But he's not 100% positive

  2. Hello Anonymous,

    Yes I agree..... Sand and Fire both have the same limit of 10 RVs for each Food, Stone and Wood. I got to know later...

  3. can we able to get dragon fire and dragonclaws
    as our defence army

  4. Hello, No.... we do not get dragon Fire and Dragon claws soldiers. They are too kewl. :(

  5. Hello , I see you know lot about game
    If you want more fun go to International 1

    1. Petar,

      I would have loved to, but my business does not give me any more time. If I have to play on multiple servers, I may have to retire from my business. LOL

  6. I have question :
    There is VII number of adventures in quest book
    What is writen there when you destroy dragon prince

  7. I managed to reduce my losses by only attacking the centre and using lots of mantlets to neutralise their archer defensive advantage plus 100 extra.
    This meant I had no losses at the walls, only losses in the keep.

    Attacked with 370 soldiers (80 travelling knights, and 80 travelling crossbowmen, and some maurauders and veterans), and lost 221 soldiers.

    I think next time I will send only veteran crossbowmen at the central flank with 26 mantlets, and then the crossbowmen will cause maximum damage when they hit the melee fighters in the keep

  8. Palandil,

    We have few players on Indian server whom we call Dragon Slayers, LOL. I will ask them to share their latest report with me, so I can put some screenshots here. When I took these screenshots, since then my knowledge of the game has only increased. Thus I can do much much better now, but too lazy for it.

    1. Any progress on the new reports? I am very interested :D

    2. Havent seen him online in few days, will message him now to share some reports on next attack.

    3. That would be awesome :D. Thanks a lot!

  9. Managed to reduce my losses to 146 troops now by not using melee soldiers.

    Attacked with the same tool structure as before, but this time with 341 soldiers: 194 veteran crossbowmen, and 147 travelling crossbowmen.
    I lost no soldiers at the walls, but lost 83 veterans and 63 travelling crossbowmen at the keep.

    I can't think how to improve it further, but was not sure if the gold was worth my losses! I might focus on robber barons from now on :).

    1. I personally prefer Fire and Sand RBCs.... This is what I do. I send like 10-15 attacks in sand in a day. Plus some 5-7 attacks in Fire. Plus some 30 odd attacks in Ice. I dont do this everyday, but whenever I need coins. I gather like 1.5 Mill in 2-3 days. Locate Level 20 RBC in Ice and send left and right maxed out Ranged attack soldiers. You will lose 3-5 soldiers in each attack. No need to send any tools. Then Level 21 are farmers, so Send Melee on right and center. You will lose like 10 odd, add some ladders.Keep doing this everyday. The benefit that I see in attacking RBCs as compared to Fortress is:
      First of all, you dont lose a lot of soldiers all of a sudden, thus you can maintain a balance between recruitment and their loss.
      Secondly, you get a lot more Equipment doing so.
      Third, if you make it a habit, you gather much more coins as compared to Fortress.
      And then, dont forget that the entire gaming world keeps an eye on the fortress, so there is competition.... no competition in case of RBCs.

    2. Correction, on Level 21 RBC in Ice, with that configuration you lose like 3 odd soldiers. Just confirmed after posting. :)

    3. That is very good advice :D. Thanks a lot!

  10. Sorry I didnt mean VII I meant VIII

  11. Petar, check the blog entry, I updated 7 and 8 long ago....

  12. How do you complete the fourth task at the right?And did you complete the everwinter glacier task?How to complete it?

    1. Could you please be more specific to which tasks you referring to?

    2. When you open the objective booklet,there is a left page and a right page.The left page is about some tasks.The first task is about a prince that you drift him into service.The second one is about the witch well.The third is a lady who died eating too I am asking you the fourth one and the fifth one and so on.

  13. LOL! I am just level 22 and i am already thinking about Fire Peaks! Just two questions : What happens after level 70? At what point of time does a player lose interest in the game?


  14. Hey can you put the stats of the real cultist soldiers, not just the renegades? also, can you post renegades and regulars for desert?

  15. lol
    using mantles with mele army:D

    1. Are you talking about melee defenders or attackers?

    2. mantlets dont increase the strentgh of your ranged attackers it decreases the strentgh of the opponents ranged army hence when going against range using mantlets and melee troops almost nullifies the opponent

  16. at last u used mele attackers in center and matles

  17. u can answer ne
    iam from us1 kumar622
    send message there