Monday, 19 August 2013

Sell Equipment

Hello Guys,

after an unsuccessful try out, GGS have finally introduced the equipment sell option.

This option is available in the Equipment section and enables users to sell off unwanted/useless equips for a pre-determined price.

In the above picture you can see the space where one need to put the equip to sell, along with the smithy option.

Interesting Part - You get the same amount of coins from a particular kind of equip, even if it is upgraded to max level using technicus or even if its in basic condition.

Check the screenshot of the Epic Equipment, its in basic state (i.e not even upgraded once with technicus, the amount of coins that i am getting in exchange for selling it is 1k)

Epic Equipment - Basic level (un-upgraded)

Same is offered for a considerably effective Epic equipment that is upgraded to maximum level that is level 12. sad..

Epic Equipment - Max Upgraded (Level 12)

Same theory goes for Legendary equipment's, in the below mentioned pictures, you can see same amount of coins offered in return despite the huge amount of coins invested on a better equipment to take it to max level.

Legendary Equipment - Basic level (no upgrades)

Legendary Equipment - Max Upgraded (level 16)

Although, no one will ever want to sell - off a Unique equipment, gave it a try, this was the result

And finally, the most unwanted and good for nothing equipment's :D

Ordinary Equipment

Rare Equipment 
This sell off thing is good for people who are into looting and have tonnes of equipment's and want to do away with the useless equipment's, because a player may even find a Legendary equip, a waste, based on the situation, so rather than keeping the burden of such equips, once can rather sell it off. 


  1. hey chv members!

    he he he he !

    hows the current war u all are into??

    enjoying it??

    u all have to enjoy it for sure!

    u all will burn heavy for your decision to attack ws2!!

    because ws2 , ww3 , gow, gowp ,ust1 , bg!

    we all are a family!


      My friend, you yourself proved you are a pact of cowards. LOL. So you are saying entire Indian alliance is attacking us because we counter attacked your 1 alliance which attacked our wing non stop. If WS2 wont have attacked CHV 2 for so long we would have never attacked them back. Remember this is politics and you guys got me back into the game. Thanks for that. :)

      And dont worry about burning. When this war ends you will see who burns!!

    2. Hey Vishal, why are you only quoting half part of the story? It was CHV2 who attacked WS2 player mass attack in first place. They only retaliated and CHV attacked WS2 and got involved in it, So don't bother justifying your deeds.


    My friend, you start with a lie and then you want the world to trust your story. You are using name of one of my oldest friend in the game and I know it is not him. First post using your real ID, or a fake ID that does not cause more confusion to all this and then I would even bother to read your made up story.

    And You are wrong. Naturally that is the story that has been told to you, and people lie a lot. Not your fault, but atleast dont lie about your name.

  3. do you think i could finish my coast blade if i only have 80 soilders and have alreayd attacked 8 towers?
    i am on the 1 twin tower are u finished?