Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Good Game Empire - New Updates

Hi Guys, GGS have recently done an exciting update. Have a look

New Hunting Lodge 

The New hunting Lodge has to be constructed inside the Main Castle Green with resources (Wood/Stone and not ruby). This update is available to only high level players. The player can send out the workers for collecting food through this new hunting lodge, but it will have correlation with the resource (wood/stone production) i.e. the higher the food production will be, it will relativity effect and reduce the resource production rate, for improving this scenario, you will be required to further upgrade the hunting Lodge (further upgrade will require rubies, just like Charcoal Burner, Dry Storage and Glass Furnace.) LOL, level 2 Hunter Lodge will cost 33k rubies, just imagine level 3.

More update on the correlation will be made in future, once i myself figure it out. :D

New Login Bonus

Apart from the daily login task bonus, a new Login Bonus is been made in the game, where by there are 9 boxes to be opened, out of the total 9, one can open only 3, for which u require a key, that will be provided to players, based on the level of activity of their accounts, these keys have to be used in the same day, i.e. you cannot keep them to redeem the other day. Once the system recognizes account activity, these boxes will yield rewards of greater value. These boxes will contain rewards like - free resources, tools, overseers, soldiers/units and Rubies.

New Ally Ranking Status

Earlier the Ally had only 4 Ranks - Leader/General/ Sargent and Members, but with this update, new ranks have been unlocked.

Sad Part of this Update - Reduction in Defence Bonus of Vet SM's

Stat's before update 

After Update

Other Updates

Tool tip for Tower's - which will indicate, if in case the maximum level is achieved

Construction Slot - Suppose you're construction slots are busy and u want to build a new building the game will now, not ask you to buy a Construction slot, rather, it will ask you to get the current building in process to finish off in ruby. 

Travel time  - The travel overview, will now indicate the travel timings digitally, i.e. one can easily figure out the time in HH-MM-SS format.

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