Thursday, 19 September 2013

GGE Alliance Forum Update

Hi Guys, in this new Update, GGE have made some changes, whereby there is a noticeboard visible next to the ally chat, where different issues related to the ally can be posted as thread and coordinated.

This is the new noticeboard icon, where by a new button is available for creating a Thread, it have options for visibility, whereby a desired audience can be selected, i.e. Generals, Sergeants or the entire ally, depending upon the gravity of the subject matter.

Message Archive

Now the game will allow you to save important messages, upto the limit of 20 in the new Archive box.

New RBC Tower Level

Probably the most important part of this update is the New Level of RBC towers in every world. GGE have increased the level of towers -

  • Great Empire / Green              - Level 41
  • Everwinter Glacier / Ice           - Level 51
  • Burning Sands/ Sand              -  Level 61
  • Fire Peaks/ FP                         -  Level 71

Till now the Top level of towers in FP was level 60 (5 Victories to Level 61), after i attacked it now. it is showing 4 more victories to get to level 61. The same changes have been made to towers in all worlds.

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