Thursday, 19 September 2013

GGE Stronghold Update

Hi Guys, after the new ally feature update a new announcement was made by GGE, ie of a Stronghold, whereby a player can keep his soldiers and safeguard them from enemy attacks. A new icon is now available in the barrack, which will enable the player to select those units, which they want to keep in the stronghold.

However, the number of units that can be kept in the Stronghold and the Kingdom (world) where we can build it, will only be made known once the update is made.

30th Sept 2013

Hi Guys, the new Update is made, so here goes the info - 

The New building i.e the Stronghold can be seen in the Military section, for the basic level it needs only a few resources and secure only 15 soldiers, but the further upgrades into higher level costs ruby (as anyone can imagine)

Below are the screen of the level wise soldier accommodation capacity of the Stronghold.

Level 1 - 15 sols - Cost - 130 Stone/ 175 Wood

Level 2 - 25 Sols - Cost - 7k rubies

Level 3 - 45 Sols 

Level 4 - 70 Sols

                                                         Level 5 - 100 Sols

This is the Icon for the Stronghold under the Barracks, where by you can select the soldiers to be kept in stronghold.

Bad Update, far below expectation, the negatives have a long list

  • The benefits are limited in only in the MC, unlike the Hunting lodge.
  • The Troop Accommodation capacity is an insult to the special soldiers, since level 5 can save only 100 sols. 
  • Eats the limited space available in the MC.
  • Too much ruby cost as compared to the benefits offered by the Stronghold.
  • worse part, once made it cant the demolished, at least there shall be the demolition option available, for players who by mistake made this building.

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