Thursday, 31 January 2013

Can you beat these RBCs?

Can you beat these RBCs?

Just read for some laughs, nothing else

Desert Tower in Ice!!!!!!!!!!!

Another I saw today.

Kindly Explain GGE, why you made such tough towers for us?

Ok, So today I got the Robber Barron Castle of Green in Ice.

I tried attacking it and got this error code. :P

OMG!!!! Play Station 4 is available now!!!!

By Vishal Verma 


  1. Ahahahahaha, lmao!

  2. I really really cannot believe these exist. How do I know these are not photoshopped? Rafey, i remember u saying stuff about towers being at their max level, so u could not make them higher. C'mon, come clean.

    1. Dear Anonymous, these are glitches of GGE, not photoshopped crap. I take random screenshots of such errors and upload them here. And this was supposed to be funny. LOL.