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The Battle for Berimond


The Battle for Berimond is an event that players get as an option in Good Game Empire after level 30. Earlier you used to get Decorative items worth 60 Public Order if you were a part of the winning team.

Ideally it has 2 different kings competing against each other and you have to fight for one of them. If your side wins, you get the PO. Now the Battle for Berimond gives you Equipment instead of the 60 PO item. If your alliance does not have a capital, then it is a good way to get KingsGuard also.

This is the resource donation screen.

You need to select either of the sides. Either Lions or Bears.

Last time I selected Bears, so selected Lions this time.

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This is how the camp looks like.

This is how the map looks like.

You need to attack other players and capture their camps. Initially you get 24 hours of protection.

Construction Menu CIVIL

Construction Menu Military

Construction Menu Battlements

Construction Menu Decorative Items

 This is a watchtower that you need to defeat first. Once your team defeats all the watch towers, then you get a shot at the Castle. Once you defeat the Watch Tower, the 3 Resource Villages next to the tower is in your teams control and you get resource benefit from them. It is awarded to all, not just to the person who defeats the tower.

This shows the balance of the war. Since it just started, so it is 50% right now.

This is how you need to check your Morale, the concept is similar to PO. Here, troops lower Morale and Deco increase Morale.

This is what you need to do.

Build storage, atleast 5-6 of them.
Build tents
Build Deco Items, Keep Morale above 150%
Build Market, very important
If you can spend rubies, build Hunters camp... 1 should be enough.
Build stables
1 or 2 Guard Houses
Upgrade walls
Moat if you want to
When you food maxs out.... Send you armies and start attacking the Towers.

You get tasks during the tournament and completing them gives you rubies, soldiers, resources and coins.

The winner side gets some rubies, some coins and some soldiers (Bear or Lions)

You can check their stats here: Tools and troops

The Deco Item is called Grimbert's Oath for Bears and yet to know about Lions.

It has 60 PO. You can check about it in this post: How to Develop your Castles and Outpost in the PUBLIC ORDER AND DECORATIVE ITEMS section.

Do not rush your rubies. In the initial few days work in teams of 4-5 to support each other in case enemy tries to capture your camp. As one levels up, progress becomes smoother in the sense much of the troops that will be needed to defeat towers will be awarded to the players as they keep on completing the quests.

Click on the Battle for Berimond camp outside your main castle if you want to transfer tools and troops.
This is how you can transport troops and tools to Berimond. You cannot transfer resources.

The Good thing is that you can transfer them from any of your castles or OP.

You can send Bear/ lion soldiers if you have them. And that seems to be the best strategy as they are Versatile soldiers. Good in attack and good in defense. If you dont have Bear/ Lion soldiers, try sending the Norsemen or other renegade soldiers, as they are Versatile soldiers as well.

First Espionage Report of the 1st tower.

Another Espionage

The Screenshot below is of the Capital. This is the Final destination, once destroyed, you win. Keep in mind that since I have chosen Lions, so the opponent camp for me is Bears which is Blue. If you have chosen Bears, your opponent capital would be Red.


1. You need to send a capture attack to capture someones elses camp.
2. You flag will appear on that camp, and you have to wait like 24 hours to capture the camp.
3. If someone else from opponent camp sends an attack on the captured camp and you lose, then you lose that camp. That is why Bear/ Lions soldiers are best, as they are versatile.
4. Trick: If someone sends an attack on a camp that you have captured, send a bigger attack to his main camp. If you win, his attack will vanish. ;)
5. Trick: When you capture a new camp, your soldier limit is very less, based on the number of camps you have. So, what you need to do is, build some camps, lets say 2 or 3. Once done. Start sending soldiers from your main camp to that one. Now, let us say you have space for 10 soldiers, so you send first batch of 10 soldiers, immediately after that you can keep sending troops of 10 soldiers, till the 1st troop reaches. This way you can send 9 troops, if you have no subscription, of unlimited if you have subscription. Thus you can solve your food problem.

Now that Berimond will be over in some hours, I am getting serious number of mails asking what to do with the soldiers. Well here is what I would have done.

1. Divide them equally into all the worlds, i.e.Green, Ice, Sand, Fire..... where ever you have castles.
2. Decide the ratio, so that your soldiers dont desert before 2 days.
3. Send them out hunting, i.e. Attack RBCs and focus on plundering food. That ways you will get a lot of coins and Equipment, yet slowly killing your Bear/ Lion soldiers.
4. Level 20 RBC in Ice is the easiest to target. Send max ranged on left and right flank, only wave 1. You should get 2000+ coins and good food.
5. By doing this, you can easily gather some 1 Million odd coins in matter of days, and your soldiers wont starve to death. You can use these coins when Technicus baba appears to upgrade your equipment.

By Vishal Verma Google


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  3. So how is the battle now?

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  5. It is almost over on India server. Maybe already over, dont know.... I wasnt available yesterday.

  6. hey vishal do have an account in goodgame empire

  7. hey , which group are u guys planning to join this time blue or red??

    1. I think I joined Blue, was too busy with Level 70, now it is done, so would focus on Berimond now.

  8. Blue - Red won last time [at least in usa]

    1. We won last 2 times. This time hope to win again.

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