Monday, 7 January 2013

New rewards for high Honor ranking

Hello guys,

As this update was supposed to launch in the 1st week of Jan 2013, here it is...

This is what the top honor get as the reward:

Even way more than the Kings guard Soldiers!!!!

Below 20, you get Veterans soldiers.....

By Vishal Verma Google


  1. Can you post some things about the new equipment that can be equip to commanders?

  2. Hello,

    I was collecting screenshots and studying the equipment thing all week long and I wanted to post it this weekend, but could not... I will post it today for sure. So keep an eye out for it.

  3. Done, you can check here:

  4. you can get them in a event when you puhase 50 000 rubues
    160 of each nad other tools

  5. hii guys

    Vishal i think you need to update the rewards.....

    i m getting 22 demon horror, 22 deathly horror, 22 belfrys
    at rank of 57