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Guide - Equipment

Guide - Equipment

Hello Guys,

With the recent update we got this new Equipment deal. At first glimpse it looks very confusing and scary but if you spend sometime around, you will find it is not that tough as it looks. Yet, I have my basic guide for you, while I will keep upgrading from time to time.

This is the screen that pops up when you click the equipment sign which has replaced sword brothers.

Now if yo broadly classify it, it has 3 major sections.

1. Commander (To enhance attack of your commanders, represented by the helmets)
2. Castellan (To enhance defense of your castles and OP, represented by the crowns)
3. Smithy (To forge items and make better items)

The screenshot below is how the Commander screen looks. You can equip each of your commanders (max 9, you cannot equip mercenaries that you get free with monthly subscription plans.)

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The screenshot below is how the Castellan screen looks like. Here you can equip your castles and OPs with defense items.

This is how the Smithy section looks like. Here you can forge various lower categories equipment and get higher quality equipment.
In the screenshot below I forged 3 ordinary equipment and got 1 better ordinary equipment.
But if you forge 6 ordinary equipment, you get 1 rare equipment. Similarly if you forge 6 rare equipment, you get 1 epic equipment and so on......
Cost to forge 3 items is 10 coins and cost to forge 6 rare equipment is 2500 coins.
I have head that cost to forge 6 Epic equipment to get 1 Legendary equipment is 20,000 coins.

When I forged 3 ordinary items, this is what I got.... Screenshot below.

Guys, keep 1 thing in mind, that signs do not represent anything. Equipment with same signs have different properties, so go ahead and read what benefits you get from them.

The Smithy section has 3 sub sections:

1. All Equipment types
2. Equipment for Commanders
3. Equipment for Castellans

So when you forge them, ensure that you do not select option 1, rather forge either 6 equipment of the commanders or Castellans. That ways you ensure that you get a better equipment for the same category.


I forged 6 rare equipment of Castellan but got an Epic equipment of Commander. So it does not really matter if you forge them individually or not.

Having the equipment is not enough, you need to equip your Commanders and Castellans with the Equipment.

I used a small logic to equip my Commanders. I started loading them in reverse manner, i.e. I started with 9th Commander instead of first. The reason being, When you send support or transfer tools and soldiers to your OPs, the first Commander is used by default. Even on RBC attacks, it is the same, so to ensure that my most valuable Commander stays free, I loaded my 9th Commander first.

This is what I did. I loaded my 9th Commander to attack other players and thus loaded him with equipment that give him benefits like, lowers moat protection, lowers wall protection, lowers gate protection, attack detected late, etc...

I was not too keen on making my soldiers stronger as I already have enough strong soldiers.
Anyways, you can anytime replace the equipment you have assigned to a commander. I plan to keep 1 Category Equipment with me for the 9th commander at all times and I plan to modify it based on the defender. For example, if I am about to attack a player or castle that does not have a moat, then no point using the equipment that reduces moat protection.

The 8th Commander, I enhanced him to Increase the chances of finding better equipment.
So this Commander I would primarily use to attack RBCs to get better equipment. As a general rule, I have noticed RBCs above level 21 definitely give you rare items. This might not be true for you, as I always send 5 loot sacks with each attack. So if it is different for you, please leave a comment.

Initially I plan to load Commanders 8 - 1 on getting better equipment. When I have loaded all my Commanders on top items for player attack, it would be the end of Equipment quest for me.

Few screenshots where I am loading my Commanders with Equipment.

In the screenshot below I forged 6 ordinary items and got 1 rare item in return.

The screenshot below shows the rare Item I got in return.

Some more forging........

Got 1 rare item after forging 6 ordinary.

6 ordinary again

Forged into 1 rare

Now there are 5 types of Equipment that you load your Commanders and Castellans with.

1. Helmet
2. Armor
3. Weapon
4. Artifact
5. Look

In the screenshot below you see I am on Look screen and I have none. Till date I have got like 200 odd equipment, but not even a single Look. Look is EXTREMELY rare, so if you get 1 by chance, DO NOT FORGE it. Use it, even the ordinary is very rare. As per discussion in the forum, NO ONE has received a Look till date. Maybe it is something that will be a part of future updates.

In the screenshot below you can see that I am not loading equipment to my castles... You should load them as per the need, for example, if you don't have moat, no point adding a moat equipment to that castle or OP. And you can change them anytime....

As you can see in the screenshot below, you can see the Equipment used by the attacker, so you can defend your castle accordingly.

Everyday I send as many attacks in Ice and Sand as I can, when I am actively playing and once I have to logout, this is what  do...

This is what I did everyday. As I have a 1 year subscription, I get unlimited Commanders. So everyday before I head to my bed, I send some 75 odd attacks on Lvl 1 RBC in Green.

Day 1 I sent 75 attacks without loot sacks, got some 20 Ordinary equipment.
Day 2 I sent 75 attacks with 1 loot sack each and got some 30 Ordinary equipment.
Day 3 I sent 100 attacks with 1 loot sack each and got some 50 ordinary and 1 rare equipment.

If you have limited number of Commanders, make sure to equip each attack with 1 loot sack at least.

These are my 

I got this rare Equipment when I attacked Level 1 RBC in Green...

The screenshot below shows that Forging 6 rare items gives you 1 epic Equipment.

I have also seen 1 combat report of 1 of my alliance members who got Legendary Equipment from an attack in Burning Sands, so if you have a big army in Sand and Fire peaks.... Go for the Legendary!!!

In the screenshot below forged 6 Epic equipment to gain a Legendary Equipment.

Please do note that I forged 6 equipment of the Commander but got a Legendary Equipment of the Castellan.

The Forging has no logic at all, I have tried forging all equipment with almost same qualities, for example: Tried forging 6 Commander equipment with Honor and Glory benefit, the result comes out to be a Castellan Equipment with Moat protection benefits!!!!!!!!!!

Another thing I wanted to clarify was, if you are attacked or attack someone, these Equipment are not used and vanish, instead they stay with you forever.

Now naturally there has to be a way for GGE to earn Rubies. So here it is.

The Technicus appears outside your Castle.

You can enhance your equipment by Spending Coins. You can enhance as follows:
Ordinary Equipment 3 times
Rare Equipment 8 times
Epic Equipment 12 times
Legendary Equipment 16 times.

Each time you enhance the Equipment the chances of success gets lower. It starts from 100% and keeps decreasing after every enhancement. Then you can spend Rubies to ensure a single time success of 100%, this does not reset the success percentage that has already decreased. I spent like 500K coins and was able to upgrade only 2 equipment 8 times. The failure ratio was immense after 4-5 enhancements and you lose coins every time the Technicus fails.

New Addition: Alliance Smithy

You can see in the picture below that you can access it from the Alliance menu.

I guess it randomly gives you a shitty Equipment. For me it picked the worst, Ordinary Equipment.
We have Level 8 Smithy and till date I have received only like 1 Rare, rest all have been Ordinary till date.

The leader of the alliance can upgrade the Smithy by paying Coins, Wood and stone.

Castellan Equipment

I have observed that different people equip them Commanders as per their needs. Some equip them to attack other players, while some equip them to attack RBCs and some equip to attack the Fortresses. So there is no ideal way to equip your commanders, but that ain't the truth for Castellan. I am telling my trick to everyone. And I don't believe there is a better way to use them. :D

I keep my Castellan unequipped with major equipment, yet equip them with Equipment that help inform me about incoming attacks sooner. This is the screenshot of my Green MC. The view is not clear, but if you click on the image and view it full size you will observe that the Bonus is +41.4% early attack warning. :D Who needs a watch tower now?

Today Technicus Baba appeared and I upgraded all my Equipment that detect attacks early. As a result, my Green castle exceeded the max allowed limit.

Something that should help all of you tremendously.

I read on the forum the following things and sharing with you:

you only have 3 slots when it comes to reforging Legendary stuff. The other three have the "chained and locked" appearance. All you can do, there, is put 3 Legendary items in, and make 1 new Legendary one.

The official page for the Equipment is :

And the discussion forum is :!&highlight=equipment

List of various Equipment and their features:

Please do not forget to add your valuable Knowledge in comments below.

Remember, Rubies or big armies don't win you battles, Knowledge and tactics do!!

By Vishal Verma Google


  1. Ice is also a good place to get rare items. Sometimes even some epic and legendary too.

    I've reached maximum lvl of RBC in ice (lvl 36 and the lvl doesn't raise anymore) so there are always same defenders which means that I dont have to spy them at all. I always get at least some rare item and sometimes even those epic or legendary and I lose only 7 or 8 soldiers/attack and I get almost 8k coins so I even make some profit with coins too.

    It takes 3h to be allowed to attack RBC again and I usually can attack all those 3 at least 3 times a day. That means at least 9 rare items/day only from ice=54 ordinary items if you have to forge that many :)

  2. Thanks for the comment... Yes I agree, Ice rarely gives you Ordinary... I am sending out 30 odd attacks everyday in Ice myself. Rare is what I usually get, very few Epic till now, as I am attacking Level 20 and Level 21 in Ice.

  3. Thanks for your post,how to stop people constantly attacking you? As I play goodgame empire,and my alliance members keep getting attacks from another alliance.Is there a good way to defense?

  4. Even though I put the defenses on two sides,the enemy still pass through the defenses.They use about 700 men and I only have 120 defense soliders.And that is all I could do,I do not have extra food supply.All my soliders are defense soliders.Please help me.

  5. Hello,

    There are only 2 ways.

    1. If a single alliance is attacking you, maybe you should talk to them and sort it out. Create friendly ties between both the alliances.

    2. You need to make more farms and increase your food capacity and recruit a lot of defenses. Upgrade your walls, towers and gates as soon as you can.

    This posts will also help you:

  6. u can have moat increment equipment, even if u don't have moat protection it will add.

  7. nice help, i ws really confused before.

  8. This blog is made to help new players. I am glad that you liked it.

  9. Hello vishal verma, can you tell me one thing, is this blog made for chakravyuh alliance or open to all
    If it is open to all then why do you have given infos about which alliance to attck and etc.???

  10. Hello,

    This alliance was primarily made for Chakravyuh alliance members, but it gained popularity so fast that we are getting approx 500 visitors everyday, so now I cannot say it is restricted to the members of Chakravyuh alliance. So, I guess I will add a description to the Do Not Attack page that this is meant only for CHV members. :)

    1. ok :)
      And you must be getting enough money from the ads to buy a good amount of rubies in GGE

    2. Well,

      Till date earned like $3 from ads. :)

      Spent like $1500+ Now you do the maths.

    3. And BTW, the rubies earned from ads here will go to alliance funds. :)

    4. Just 3$ that's very little
      And what's you in-game name

    5. Oh, I checked yesterday after like a month and it is $9 now. So some progress, thanks to you guys...... I am on Indian Server, which server are you on?

    6. sorry for late reply
      i am also on indian serever

  11. Bro.. Would you please tell me that How did you get sooo many rubies..?? Did you buy them..??

  12. I'm not quite sure on associating loot sacks with equipment retrieval. On your experiment, on days 2 and 3, you were careful in attacking "new" RBCs **still at level 1** and not the same ones from previous day (which would be level 2, and 3 respectively), right? Like rubies/coins/loot, I believe as the level of the RBC/tower gets higher, so do your chances of getting better equipment/more...

    1. Hello,

      Yes the higher the level of RBC, the better Equipment you get. That was a shortcut I took to gather them fast. Now I have exceeded the number of Equipment I can have and I am not getting any new Equipment. 90% of my Equipment are above Epic.

    2. What is the maximum number of equipments?

  13. The alliance smithy provides new equipment,not upgrading them.It does not pices equipment randomly,if I am wrong,feel free to correct me.Thanks. :)

    1. Alliance smithy provides you with new Equipment and they are always shitty. With Level 8 smithy, we get like Ordinary everyday. :(

  14. I get a rare once with level 3 smithy.

    1. We upgraded to like Level 8 and it was a complete waste of resources.

    2. I agree,since it is always the ordinary equipment.

    3. Yeah,just 1 rare till now. Waste of a LOT of resources of the alliance.

  15. What is higest level of alliance smithy ?

    1. Dont know and dont want to know. LOL. Who will spend so much resources on a smithy that gives Ordinary Equipment everyday at level 8!!

  16. What is the maximum number for equipments?

    1. I think like 100 or so. I once reached the max limit, but did not count my Equipment at that moment. So keep upgrading your Equipment so you have room for new ones.

  17. why can't i log in the game?

    1. Try reseting your password by the forgot password link.

  18. have you seen a look equipment

    1. Nope, neither heard of anyone having it. Maybe it will be released in future updates.

  19. hey i am in your allaince and buddy please tell me when you will get that look equpiment

  20. what's ur name in goodgame, tell me so that i can keep an eye to ur castle for copying it for my castle's developement.

      I am on Indian server. rafey69

  21. You wasting legendary equipments everyday? I only have one legendary equipment.

    1. Get into habit of looting and you will have tons of them.

  22. Guys!!!I play under the name bajji333 in goodgame empire. I got a spy camp in which the spy asked me to defeat a king of robber baron castle and guess what the reward is?? A look which is no ordinary or rare but an unique one. i will also send a pic of it with this. the look is 'The Bell Of Confusion'.

    1. Yeah I guess it is April Fool made by GGE. All it does is makes your soldiers on the map looks like cow soldiers.

  23. Replies
    1. That is very good. Follow this link and see how you can make your game better.

  24. vishal i think u don't know when in alliance smithy u will smith the equipment at 1:00 am or 2:00 u will get rare or epic equipment every time..there r differnt timings also..if u have level 10 alliance smithy then u will get epic or legendary on this time

  25. vishal i think u don't know if u will collect ur equipment in alliance smithy on 1:00 am or 2:00 am u will get better equipments according to the level..they r more timings to coolect bt this is the most appropriate one..jst try once..u will get to know..

  26. Hi Vishal,

    recently i have been attack by a guy who has +90% melee and range attack. How can i get such equipment. Should i buy more items from Equipment Trader or should i trade often items in smithy?

    Loans In Pennsylvania

  28. vishal
    can u say me abt the look equipment
    i dont have them , not a single

    what is that
    and how can i get that

    1. Naman,

      Look is total bullshit. It just changes how your army appears on the map while attacking someone. We once got a Look equipment for 24 hours. Dont remember what we did to achieve it. But total waste, nothing else.

  29. whats the max % of looting bouns ?

    hope u soon answer rafey bro ?

  30. rafey i messaged you in game okay i know something about look equipment it is a temporary equipment which is prize for some event like tournament of elite