Saturday, 22 December 2012

Coin Strategy - Excellent

Coin Strategy - ATM

The strategy I am about to explain here is called ATM strategy, it is an easy way to get coins without having dwellings.

The concept is this, you need to attack 200 Level 1 RBC and then all the RBCs stop leveling up. So, then you can attack RBC in Ice or Sand or Fire and they wont level up. So you can attack 9 RBCs everyday and collect a lot of coins. As all of them would be at the same level, so you need to spy only 1 of them and all the rest would have the same number and formation of soldiers and tools.

Here is how you get started.

First you espionage 1 RBC Level 1 in Greenland.

Now attack 200 RBC. I have 3 months subscription, so I get countless attacks, so this is how it looks.

I even completed the Map!!!!

Now once you have completed the task, you can attack RBCs in other worlds and they wont level up.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to attack base level RBCs, only they wont level up.
For example: Attack Level 20 in Iceland, Level 35 in Desert, etc.....

You need to espionage only 1 and the rest would have the same arrangement.

Proof below: After attacking Level 1 RBC, it still stays Level 1. Does not level up.

Next I spied this level 45 tower in Fire Peaks

I attacked it and after the attack it turned level 46, normal........

What is abnormal is that this Tower, highlighted in the screenshot, which I never attacked before automatically leveled up.....

Below is the screenshot of my XP tasks, which confirms that I have attacked only 1 Level 45 RBC till now.

All other RBCs at still Level 45

After that I attacked another Level 45 RBC, as you can see it did NOT level up and stayed at Level 45. Infact as soon as my armies reached home, it stopped burning, thus ready to be attacked again.

Thats about it, Give it a try and share your feedback.

By Vishal Verma Google