Saturday, 22 December 2012

Guide - Thorn King Event

Hello Everybody,

I am here to explain you how to complete the Thorn King event without spending much rubies.
If you play this game, you would be well aware of the terms Ruby player and non Ruby players. Well, I am a ruby player, but most of my alliance is not. So, I decided this time to complete the Thorn event without spending a single Ruby yet completing it with just strategy and perfect timing.
So, this is what I do.

Since the event started, approx last 1 week, all I have done is attack small RVs and collect resources from them and made up small tents and decorative items. My target is to get to 200% Morale and approx 60 soldiers for now.

As you can see in my camp, I don't have a single Ruby building.

Now, all you need to do is, attack the small RVs for about a week, build up your army and then start attacking the bigger towers.
I will show you how to attack the RVs.
I usually attack on 2 flanks. These soldiers are not versatile soldiers, so I attack melee soldiers with ranged and vice versa. No need to use tools on small RVs.
That is it, I seldom lose any soldiers while attacking them. Attack them 10-15 times a day and you are good to go.

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You get to defeat mystery cows!!!!!

This is where my cutie cow is hiding :D Come on Cow, I am coming to get you soon!!

Don't take the cow lightly, it is important to complete the task for hidden achievement.

My attack on the way to Holy cows!!

Report: I had only 62 soldiers, yet killed 132 cows taking a loss of 40 soldiers.

This is how the cows look. Cutie pie......

This is the achievement.

Tejas was the first player from our alliance to complete the event. Here are the reports for the rest of us:

This is my attack to Level 40 tower, second tower after the bridge.

For this attack, I use first 2 waves of martyr waves and then this attack on 3rd wave.
4th wave I dumped some 20 odd Melee KG attack soldiers.

Awesome results:

Lost 6 spearmen, which were the martyr wave (meant to die and kill the tools), rest not even 1 soldier lost.
197 undead killed (or unkilled :P), and No loss what so ever.

This again proves that 20 Mantlets can kill hundred ranged defense soldiers.

My next attack is on Level 45 Tower, just 2 steps away from Necromancer's castle.
I am in bit of a soup here. My tools are burnt out, my food is burning fast, I cannot send the extra soldiers back. So either I stay and keep attacking RVs for food or I go for a kill. Well, to hell with it, I attacked Level 45 with whatever I had. Here is how it looks like:

I had no more spearman, so had to sacrifice a bear soldier. :(

This is espionage of Right flank as well as my Wave 1.

This is how my wave 2 looked and the espionage of Center flank.

This is Wave 3 and Espionage of Left flank.

Risk didnt pay off well, lost all my soldiers. :( But I can bet it would have been a very close battle.

This time I took my revenge and defeated the tower. I was using normal soldiers here (2handed and HC) that is the reason the losses are major.

The next Tower

Necromancer's castle Combat report.

Once you defeat the Necromancer's castle, you get an option to exit the event just below the XP task book.

You have an option to stay and defeat more towers and gather more resources or quit. I was hell bored already, so guess what I did!!!
Took my deco and decorated my castle.

Now this is extremely F****d up....... After completing the event I get to know that I dont get 100% achievement points as I had to defeat all the towers to get that. So make sure you do....

By Vishal Verma Google