Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Some Tricks and tactics to use in the game


This is a strategy game, so it is very important to have a strategy to play this game. Some of the points below will help you play this online game much better.

These are random tips on how to play this online game that I have gathered from various places:

Always send all waves.
Never send less than 4 waves. If you think you can beat him with 2 waves, take the advantage. Send one spearmen on the first two waves, to take out his precious tools (flaming moat) to make him sort of sad/angry ( I wasted a flaming most in there!). You're even more lucky if they have only 2 on each flank. Use the spear-men as a sacrifice to use those tools, then heavily arm yourself with full 2 waves. 

PS. If they have 4 of each tool on every flank, send one spearmen on every wave to lessen it. Seconds after, use your real attack to regain the honor you lost in the first one. You get even more than you lost. 

Next time is about what is the ideal combination of defense for this online game:

if you are offline, set up 50% ranged, 50% melee, and set wall defenses to 50-0-50 this is the hardest to attack against, aside from what im about to explain.

Now, if you are online and see an attack coming in, that's when your defenses can be maximized for an incoming attack. remember that melee defenders are strong against melee attackers, and ranged defenders are strong against ranged attackers, so if an attack is coming in, set the % on your wall to match the incoming attackers disposition, and set the melee/ ranged attackers to match. ill give an example:

Player x is attacking you, he has his attackers set up with 25 2h sword on the left flank, center has 25 2h sword, and 50 longbow, and the right flank has 25 longbow men (oversimplified for the example) you will set up the following 

main slider will be 25-50-25
left flank set 100% melee center set 50% melee 50% ranged, right flank set 100% ranged

make sure you have tools on your walls at all times, as many as possible as one tool works for one wave only.

The next one explains a little bit about how to manage after you cross level 25.

In the other kingdoms, you will have the opportunity to build most of the buildings you can build in your normal castle. You can NOT build the following buildings:

·         Estate
·         Tavern
·         Research
·         Encampment

You can also build a new building: the loot warehouse (available from level 26).

The loot warehouse allows you to capture resource villages. Resource villages increase your production of that resource - a wood/stone village increases all wood/stone by 20%, and the food village increases production by 30%.

You can also attack fortresses, which are found at various places on the map (a lot rarer than RBCs - about one every 10/15 miles). Each world has a different fortress. Each fortress provides a large amount of coins and rubies, but once one player attacks a fortress (and wins), there is a ~18 hour cool down period in which no player can attack the fortress (like with an RBC, but applying to everyone). Fortresses never grow stronger, but you can get a lot from them - just the weakest fortress provides 10,000 coins and 150 rubies.

Sending resources is discouraged, which is way some of the resources will be lost. However, it is hard to get your castle started in the new kingdoms, so when you get going, I recommend that you send over as many resources as you can afford (as long as your storage can support them).

Sending resources from the new kingdoms to the Great Empire is highly discouraged, so there is a big 70% loss there. Castles in new kingdoms were not designed to be mines for resources for your main in the original kigndom - they are supposed to stand alone.

With sending troops, there are costs. When you get to a higher level, these costs don't matter much. However, it is better to recruit troops in the new kingdoms as well so that you can get more troops overall.

By Vishal Verma Google


  1. i just have 3 waves of attack
    when does the 4 one adds up?

  2. Adi,

    I think around level 49 or so.

  3. I really can't understand why 50-0-50 while I'm offline..

  4. Hello,

    50-0-50 helps during offline mode, because the number of soldiers that can be added on Flanks is lesser than the front. Since you have lower numbers of attackers to face on left and right flanks, so your chances to win becomes stronger. Now if you win on both the flanks, then the attacker gets no bonus on keep, thus you have higher chances of winning.

  5. Thanks for explaining what to do when one is offline, but my question is: If i follow 50-0-50 while I'm offline.. what to do when an attacker only sends his troops in the center flank ...as i have seen this type of attack and luckly i was online but if this were to happen when i am offline (and i have 50-0-50 and attacker only sends troops in the center flank) wont i lose as the number of troops in the keep are less. Plz advise....

    I also have another issue.... my attack army is located at my food outpost (8Food 2Wood) and if someone attacks me there when iam offline i will lose the troops and also the battle..(i have no space for any defence soldiers there) so what do u suggest... (this has happened to me once - i lost a battle despite having much more troops than the attacker but almost all my troops were attackers and not defenders which is why i lost ) .. P.S.-I am a Level 28 player and my Food production there is 677.4 and my Food consumption is 673.2 and i also have a bakery there.....
    Plz advise what to do thanks in advance.

  6. Sanjay,

    When an attacker sends attack only thru Center flank, he will not get any benefit, so the fight at the keep would be at 0% advantage to either. And the soldiers from the wall will come and fight at the keep. So your numbers wont decrease at all and overall you will still be benefited.

    Now your 2nd issue:
    That is not the ideal thing to do. I would never do that. Just FYI.... When I have to take down an alliance, we first hit their Food OP and then their main castles. Having no defense in OPs is not suggested, rather what you can do is, move them around a bit. Have equal defense soldiers in all your OP and MC when you are offline. You can easily do this before going offline. Now, do you have a Stable Level 2 or 3 anywhere? If yes, then your attack soldiers should be there.

    This is what I do for Ice and other worlds. Since their soldiers are versatile (they have both defense and attack), so try to get all renegade soldiers. That ways, you can transfer them to your Green MC and OPs and can be protected from attacks also. I hope this helps. Do let me know if you have more questions.

  7. Hello Vishal,
    I am level 30, I can keep about 250 defense soldiers in my MC( the best ones). I often receive attacks with 450-500 soldiers and lose every time of course. Do I have any chance of winning? Should I keep all my soldiers on one flank, or adjust the procent to match the attackers disposition? More defense tools maybe?

  8. Hello Roxanne,

    Here are my suggestions to you.

    First of all, since you are level 30, you should have Outposts as well, if you have 8 Food Outposts, that would be excellent, as you can have many more soldiers compared to other OPs. You should have defense soldiers in each of the OPs, and when there is an attack, you should move them around.

    Secondly, If you are not yet a part of an alliance, you should consider that. Find an alliance that has members near by, so that they can send you support at the time of an attack. Yesterday, I took a screenshot, where an alliance member was attacked and the alliance supported him with 11,000+ soldiers. Now that is what we call team work.

    Thirdly, If you are a regular player, you can exceed the number of soldiers than your food production. For example, if your castle allows 400 Soldiers, recruit 400 Defense soldiers, and then some 100+ Attack soldiers. Now attack nearby RBCs 3-4 times a day and focus on plundering Food. That ways, even when you are negative on food, you will not lose soldiers.

    Another thing I would suggest you is to read this blog, each and every post of it. Not being mean here, but this blog has so many things that will help you immensely. For example how to develop your castle, how to spend rubies, etc.... This is a war game and the end result, loss or win during fights portrays how good your game play is.

    If you are on India 1 Server, let me know.

    1. Thanks for you're time and sugestions

    2. I am on the India 1 server

  9. What if you only have one wave

    1. If you have only 1 wave then nothing much can be done about it. :) Level up and get more waves.

  10. Why can I log in to my account? is There a problem with goodgame empire today?

    1. Many accounts were hacked 2 days ago, you can anyways reset your password, by clicking forgot password and entering your email address there.

    2. No,I mean the game cannot load.Which website do you use to play the game?

    3. I use http://empire.goodgamestudios.com/

  11. Centre flank only attack gets you -30% on your attack strength :P
    POOR ATTACK IS that :D
    You got to win at least 2 flanks or 1 flank and gate ... any 2 ... to get to 0% in courtyard
    Listen to me or not then :D

    1. Janny as usual, no clue what you are trying to prove, but yeah you are right.

      If the attacker wins from only
      1 flank, then gets -30% at keep.
      2 flanks, then gets 0% at keep.
      3 flanks, then gets +30% at keep.

  12. Does having a watchtower help you by showing the flankwise attack report? I mean the martyr wave is now known to all and does having the watchtower level 1 or 2 show us the entire way the enemy attacked???


  13. How did 27 beat my 70 in the keep?