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Tips and tricks on Battles for the game


Understanding Tools
Understanding Espionage
Understanding Resource Villages
Understanding How to Spend Your Rubies
Understanding Coins and AI Castles
Understanding Public Order
Understanding Alliances and Wars


Welcome to my guide on how to play Empire. As for my general aim, I have tried to keep it as short and as helpful as possible. The reason for writing this is purely down to being asked the same questions countless times by players in-game and by seeing similar questions posted and re-posted on the forums. I hope to do more than answer the questions but to explain them and not at a completely basic level: this guide is intended for readers who have started playing and who perhaps want their armies to be more successful or would like to get the most out of their spies. This guide is for the improvement of their gameplay and I am confident that even many top-level players will find something of benefit here.

As a quick caveat, however, the game is constantly updated so if any of my information is incorrect or out-dated please let me know.

Understanding Tools:
The reason why I have started with tools is because I so often see incorrect information passed on and see forwarded combat reports from my friends (who are very experienced players), which make me want to hit my head into a brick wall. Why? Because they have used tools particularly ineffectively and as a result have lost the battle or lost excessive troops.

Firstly it is important to understand exactly what tools do. When defending they increase bonuses that are already present due to castle defences. For example having Stone-throwing tools in two slots will increase a castle wall bonus by an additional 50% or (25% each). What does this actually mean? It means that the defensive power of any troops stationed on this wall will be boosted by the bonus giving them an advantage. When attacking the aim is to reduce the advantages or bonuses that the defender has to 0% meaning the troops will fight an even battle. An important note here is that by overloading attacking tools you will not receive any additional bonus-the defending troops will still fight at normal strength. If, for example you have spied and the enemy has an 80% boost on his wall then it is only necessary to use 8x ladders which reduce it by 10% each. Using 9 or more ladders will have no effect on the battle at all.

A castle with level 4 walls and a level 4 gate has a natural wall and gate bonus of 80% without any defensive tools, so even if your spy report shows the enemy has no tools, it is still important to send attacking tools to reduce these bonuses as precisely as possible to 0% if you want to reduce your troop casualties. If you are farming high level players its worth throwing 20 or so ladders at the castle since you will likely be plundering tens of thousands of resources anyways.

So far, so good? Well now tools become more complicated as you will see! There are four basic types of combat bonus tools (with corresponding attack and defence ones): Wall bonus, such as Scaling Ladders, gate bonus, such as Battering Rams, ranged defense bonus, such as Flaming Arrows and finally moat bonus, such as Fire Moat.

Unfortunately when attacking there are only 2 slots on each flank and 3 slots in the centre, meaning that the defender can always get a bonus somewhere. For example the defender can bolster his moat on his left flank with Sharpened Stakes, his wall with Stone-throwing and his wall with Flaming Arrows meaning that on each wave his defenders will receive at least some bonus. This knowledge is vital as attackers, often because Siege workshop level 3 is a high-tier building, omit moat tools meaning the moat offers an excellent opportunity for a very significant defensive bonus. If they have omitted wall tools in favour of mantlets and moat tools, then boost up your wall bonus and sacrifice your moat tools, just pull them out and save them for your next fight-be sensible as if your tools aren’t doing anything just save them until next time! If you see 80 Belfries (which reduce wall bonus by 20%) then why would you leave your stone-throwers in there? 

As for tools there are two more crucial things to understand, the first of which is Mantlets. They are the ONLY type of attacking tool which can reduce the defensive soldier’s capabilities to nothing-by this I mean that wall tools have no effect after eliminating the defensive bonus as explained in the previous paragraph. Mantlets (or other types of ranged defense bonus attacking tools such as Shield Walls) reduce ranged soldiers effectiveness rather than advantage. What does this mean? If your enemy has 100 longbowmen on one flank, you could actually send one bowman, who is a very poor offensive unit to attack them with 20 normal mantlets (each reducing effectiveness by 5%) and he would kill all of them.

I attacked a DT today and as I wanted to save my soldiers to attack 2nd DT at the same level, I use mantlets, and thus proved this theory.

I lost only 7 soldiers yet defeated 89 Desert Warriors.

If you are defending a mantlet-heavy attack be sure to alter your ranged-melee percentage of defenders, you can do so by clicking the icon with a bow and sword on the defensive page. If you have no tools which can re-increase the ranged defense bonus then consider defending with 100% melee defenders. Melee defenders are actually very competent against ranged attackers with a decent moat/wall bonus so if there are lots of mantlets, use melee defenders with lots of moat/wall bonus and you will be fine!

The final thing to note with regards to tools is the Armourer. It is a random event which occurs approximately every 10 days, but when he comes make sure you purchase some good Armourer tools. The Fire Moat costing 88 rubies is a solid purchase as the 110% bonus can often save many troops and the Arrow Slits and Machiolation offer a substantial bonus too. In general it is very difficult to defeat a castle with Armourer defense tools without heavy ruby attack tools yourself so it is well worth stocking up next time you see the fella pop up underneath your castle.

For now I am going to omit tools such as loot carts and glory banners as they are self-explanatory and will not influence the verdict of the battle itself unless an attacker has decided to use too many profit-gaining tools as I like to label them as opposed to battle tools.

Content courtesy: http://en.board.goodgamestudios.com/empire/showthread.php?41941-Complete-Empire-Guide-Teaser-(Intro-Tools)
By Vishal Verma Google


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    I hope you read it.

  3. LOl dumb anonymous -bala here :)

  4. Hi Vishal,

    Im abit confused with the mantlets bit. It says in its description when you highlight the tool that it reduces the damage of range troops but if you click the "i" button for more info, and highlight the -5% area of the tool it says deduction on defense of range soldiers. So does it negate damage output or the defense bonus provided by flaming arrows and such.

    If for example a castle have a bonus of 175% range defense (from x3 flaming arrows), would the optimum amount of mantlets to send x20 or x35 ? Thank you.


  5. Krom,

    Let me not answer your question directly, but explain the concept here first.

    1 Mantlet reduces the defense of ranged defender by 5%. So, consider if there are no flaming arrows, then you need 20 mantlets to reduce the defense of ranged defense soldiers to 0. But if there as flaming arrows, then you need to add as many mantlets also.

    So, for example if you have to attack someone who has 20 flaming arrows, then you need 20 mantlets to nullify the arrows and then 20 more to make defense of ranged to zero. Ideally you wont get a 40 slot everywhere, so better to use the ruby tools, as 1 ruby mantlet reduces 10%, if I my memory serves me best. I hope it is clear.

  6. Ah so it does reduce the range defense bonuses as shown on the walls you highlight them. The description on the tools was rather misleading. Thanks anyway cleared up alot of things there.


  7. but isn't only one defense tool from each defense slot used per wave doesnt this reduce the advantage of defense tools?

  8. Then you can just send 12 soliders to other people and destroy their fire moat.

    1. If they are online, they will remove the tools. :)

  9. In some servers,there are people attacking you everyday.sometimes 10 to 20 attacks an hour.so you a fire station is very important.Instead of equiping the castellans with early detection,I personally equip it with equipments that reduce fire cause by looting.

    I guess that the more people loot from your castle,the bigger the fire caused by looting.I am not sure if it is true.But most of the time it is like that.Please correct me if I am wrong.

    1. The way I see it, why not have strong defenses? If you have 2000 odd defense soldiers in each world, chances are you will start winning defending. When people start losing honor while attacking you, they will stop attacking you. Plus there is something called support of alliance. We seldom lose a battle, few days ago, someone attacked a player in our brother alliance, the attack was brought to my notice immediately, I went there and supported with 1800 Kings guard defenders. The attack was some 800 KG + demons + TK + regular with some 200 tools, but the attacker lost all his soldiers, whereas we lost some 150+. Thats the way I prefer playing the game.

  10. hi
    i have a question
    in a castle there are 10 spear man(ideal against melee attackers)
    i sent 10 croosbowman(ideal against melee defenders)
    is this attack good
    and could u paste some strength and weakness on all soldiers

    prince6112000(goodgame empire name)

    1. Yes, that is correct attack.

      Look around on the blog, I think there is some post about the stats of soldiers.

  11. When the other alliances attack you about 30 of their members attack at the same time.Each with 4 castles.Every attack 1500 soliders,and that is a total of 180000 soliders.So how will your 2000 soliders win? And they send as many wave as possible, destroy all your tools and let your castle burn.Alliance support is not even enough.

    1. If your alliance cannot support that type of attack, then join the alliance that is attacking you. LOL. And BTW, no one can attack with 1500 soldiers, I think the max is 1040.

  12. The problem is that there are a few alliances attacking you.

  13. hi vishal
    whats ur highest food production