Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Strategy on attacks what to do and what not to do

Ok Guys, today Rahul asked me to analyze his Combat report and give him suggestions on how to improve his attacks. So I am going to jot down his mistakes and how he could have improved it. And all should understand that I am not criticizing him, but only giving him the information to make him a better player. These suggestions are my personal suggestions and maybe I am completely wrong, so do add your bit and tips.

First the reports:

From the Espionage report you can see the defender has some 101 soldiers, 11 tools and 54 farmers.

In the detailed espionage report you can see that the defender has 

15 defense, 15 attack and 3 tools on the left flank.

17 defense, 19 attack and 5 tools on Front flank.

16 defense, 15 attack and 3 tools on right flank.

4 attack and 54 farmers in the Courtyard.

Now in the combat report you can see that the defender got supporting troops from other castles or nearby allies. That is the reason I always suggest to attack minimum 3 times more than the espionage report.
For example, if espionage report says 100 soldiers, plan your attack keeping in mind that till the attack reaches, 100 would be minimum 300 by then.

Here is the break down of the attack flank wise:

Left flank: 30 Heavy Crossbowman and 2 Siege towers
Front Flank: 87 two handed swordman and 1 maceman, 3 loot cart and 3 banners.
Right flank: 30 two handed swordman and 2 siege towers.

1. The attack was too small, only 1 wave. I would have rather sent some 400 soldiers considering the fact that if the player is online, he will deploy defense soldiers in the castle that is being attacked. Or the other alliance members near by would send their support troops. Very important to check how far the outposts of the defender are. Has the defender built a watch tower in his castle? Another guide idea is to spy the main castle and nearby outposts, from where he can send support within 30-45 mins. Also check how many alliance members are near by. We are looking for alliance members who can send support army within 30-45 mins.

2. The attack was not equally distributed in regards to melee and ranged soldiers. Always send attack based on the espionage report. As per this espionage report the defender had 50% ratio of melee and ranged soldiers, so the attack should also have been 50% ratio of melee and ranged soldiers.

3. Check the specialty of the defense soldiers before you attack. For example:
Spearman is ideal against melee attackers.
Bowman is ideal against ranged defenders.

You can check this information by going to the barracks and keeping your mouse over the soldier type in question.

Once you check what is better in what, then you need to plan your attack. It primarily has to be a counter attack on each flank.

For example:

If left flank has 4 spearman (Good against melee), attack with 12-18 Heavy Crossbowman (Ideal against melee defenders.) and so on.

4. Tools were used incorrectly. The attacker should attack with counter tools, not just any tools.

For example here in this attack, the defender had 3 tools on the Left Flank:

2 stone throwing and 1 flaming arrows

Stone Throwing increases wall protection, so we need to use tools that decrease the wall protection.

So ideal fit would be scaling ladder or siege tower.

Flaming arrows increase the defense of ranged soldiers.

So ideal fir would be Mantlet or cast iron mantlet.

You can go to the Siege and Defense workshop and do this research by taking the mouse over the tool in question and then plan your attack accordingly.

This is all I can think of right now, a little stuck right now. Will give this battle a second view when I get bit free.

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By Vishal Verma Google